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About Rog & Glenn - by Glenn Hubbard

I've been a musician for as long as I can remember. I grew up in a musical family, with a former professional musician father and a former church pianist mother. After 20 years out of the music business, my dad started booking gigs again when I was a kid, so my brother and I could
experience a key element of the family history. We took it seriously, and playing in a 1940s-style big band became a significant part of our identities.


My dad died in 1985, but the 14 and a half years I spent with him were enough to make me a musician for life. I enjoyed playing other people’s compositions but also had a knack for writing my own. During my high school years, I became fascinated with multi-track recording, having bought a four-track cassette machine as therapy a few days after my dad’s death. Soon, I started inviting my friend Roger Brandon over
to mess around with it. We co-wrote our first songs together a month or two later, and collaborating on music became a favorite pastime for us.


Roger also had music in his blood. His mom was a pianist who majored in music in college, and Roger had a near-encyclopedic memory for the lyrics and melodies of songs he’d heard on the radio. He also had a natural ability to harmonize. He did not have as much formal training or the professional playing experience I accumulated early in life, but I found this refreshing. It was nice to work with someone who wouldn’t tell me my crazy ideas were somehow incorrect or wouldn’t go over with audiences at wedding reception gigs.


My collaboration with Roger became my most important creative outlet in those years, and it has continued to this day. Now in our 40s, Roger and I have never stopped bouncing ideas off each other, never stopped trying
to impress each other with new songs or recordings, and never completely let go of the idea that we might still have a future as a songwriting team. We both have day jobs – I’m a journalism professor, and Roger is an accountant for another university – but artistic expression through music remains an important part of our lives.

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